Fences, Gates, and Security For Your Home

If there is a famous saying when it comes to fences it would be “good fences make good neighbors”. Throughout history, fences became one of the symbols of civilization and being domesticated. Fences also became the sign of ownership and symbol of class in the early periods of America. Today, fences and gates are used for aesthetic and security purposes. There are also different kinds made of different materials such as wrought iron and vinyl fence in Oklahoma City.

Security is the main reason why people invest in fences and gates nowadays especially if they reside in an area with a high number of criminal cases. But, what are the important components of a secure and beautiful gate, and where can you go if you need one?

A gate must be of a good fit with the fence. An ill-fitting gate will not be able to serve its purpose to protect and secure your property. Make it too big and there will be too much room for possible breaching by criminals or anyone with an intention to break into your property. A gate that’s too small can also be extremely difficult to handle and will make the simple task of going in or out of your property extremely difficult. It must fit your fence precisely to assure that you are protected from unwanted break-ins, and at the same time, you can control it well when you use it. Your gate must also be suitable to fit along with your fence to maximize its purpose. Say if you have a certain material used for your fence, your gate’s own material must fit the fence. You should consider its weight, how well secure it can be in between your fence walls, and how chemically compatible these two materials will be in the long run.

The design is of big importance when it comes to both fences and gates. There’s nothing worse than having a beautiful home, surrounded by a lovely vinyl fence in Oklahoma City but has an unflattering gate to partner it up. Every homeowner cherishes the importance of a beautiful home with a beautiful view. It’ll be unsatisfying to come home to an unaesthetically pleasing home because of a very unsightly gate design. The wonderful thing about having customized gates is that you can choose the style and color to suit your home’s design. A gate may be used primarily for protection and privacy, but this does not mean that you can’t make it look beautiful too.

Customized gates are becoming more and more widely used by home owners because the possibilities and imagination they offer are endless. As for “where to go if you need one”, Byerley Services do custom gates of any style including estate fences, driveway gates, security doors, and balconies. We make gates and fences out of different materials such as steel and we also offer vinyl fence in Oklahoma City.

We specialize in automatic gate telephone entry systems, operators, and we service all makes and models. We are the experts for installations and repairs of driveway gates. You’ll never go wrong with Byerley Services.