Tips in Choosing the Style of Your Vinyl Fence

So it looks like you have made up your mind. After doing your research among the different types of fences and weighing in the pros and cons of each one, you are now determined that having a vinyl fence in Oklahoma City is the best decision for you. While this is a great option, there are still many decisions that you will need to make along the way. Getting to know your needs will help you narrow down your options.

With the help of our team here at Byerley Services, we will work closely with you to get exactly what you want. We want to know your needs, visions and designs. With a variety of styles, colors, textures, and accessories available, we are sure you will be able to find your perfect match.

Below are a few tips to help you choose the right style for your vinyl fence:

  1. Determine the purpose of your fence: A fence provides privacy, boundary to keep your kids and pets inside your yard, protective barrier from pests, and to some, for plain added aeshetics. Since there are various styles of vinyl fences, you also need to consider how they apply to your needs. For instance, having a picket thru rail fence can look pleasing and can stop your kids from running out on the road, but offers very little privacy.
  2. Consider your home’s existing design: Aside from the safety function that your vinyl fence offers, you also want to choose a nice style or design that can suit your home. It is best to choose a fence that can complement your surrounding structures and landscaping to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Fortunately, vinyl fencing comes in a number of unique styles.
  3. Choose a color wisely: Vinyl fences come in a wide array of colors. It is important to know the color that would look best for your home. While white can complement any house, especially for traditional or cottage style homes, there are other colors that might bring out different features, especially if there is a particular inspired theme. For example, farm-styled homes can benefit better from neutral or natural wood tones, while contemporary modern homes would look best with a darker vinyl fence. Moreover, if your home’s fence is too close to the color of the trees and plants at home, it can lose the appeal of your overall property as well. Consider a color that is quite a contrast to the surroundings for better results.

Hope this guide can help you choose the best style for your vinyl fence that can complement your home, so can may start planning and then finalizing your picks. Our team at Byerley Services are experts in the installation and repair of your vinyl fence in Oklahoma City. We have plenty of designs for you to choose from to keep you and your family safe and at the same time, give you that pleasing look that your property might be missing. Contact our contractors today at 405-769-3251 for professional advice on selecting your ideal vinyl fence.