4 Convincing Reasons Why You Should Go For Automatic Garage Doors

Getting in and out of your garage is always a struggle when you have a garage door that needs to be opened manually. You waste time, energy, and you cannot exactly make a quick rushed exit during emergencies. Not many people contemplate on the functionality and convenience of an automatic garage door and many home owners tend to disregard their need for a garage door that can open or close all on its own. But here are some reasons that will help you appreciate the perks that having an automatic garage door brings. When you realize that you need a garage door repair in Oklahoma City, take into account these 4 extremely convincing reasons why you should upgrade your garage door to an automatic one.

  1. Saves you time.
    Imagine the time it takes you to open a garage door and then close it after you have parked inside the garage. You have to think about getting out of your car, opening the door, getting back into your car, parking the vehicle, then stepping out again to close and lock it. This is a lot of wasted time compared to when you can just get an automatic door that only takes a minute to open and a minute to close, with just a press of a remote control button.
  2. Saves you money.
    Automatic garage doors need less maintenance and will last far longer than manual garage doors. Less maintenance means less money to spend. Moreover, a longer life span means no need to constantly have a garage door repair in Oklahoma City, whenever there are damages caused by a strong storm or windy day. Reduced risk of damage means lesser costs for repairs.
  3. More secure.
    Handling a garage door is actually really risky. There is a lot of tension and pressure that helps a manual door open and close gently. In fact, actually handling a manual door is a lot more prone to accidents than an automatic door. It is better to have an automatic door that you do not have to hold or be near when it is opening or closing, just in case a malfunction occurs and the tension can lead to the metal spring flying off of the door. An automatic garage door will also mean that your family will also be safe from harm’s way.
  4. Increases your home’s value.
    Believe it or not, but an automatic garage door is already a significant highlight for anyone looking for a home. Therefore, it can be a significant contributor to the features of a house that will bump up its selling price. This is a major factor that should convince you to get your garage door repair in Oklahoma City and upgrade to an automatic garage door system.

Save your time and money as well as make your home safer plus up your house value, by taking on these tips on why you definitely should get your garage door upgraded to an automatic system. Here at Byerley Services, we can help you do that! When it comes to any garage door, custom gates, and fencing needs, Byerley Services is your ultimate go-to company. Call us now at 405-769-3251!